• WorkplaceInterventions

    ”The restructuring of our organization brought out the worse in people. The intervention by Ulf Lidman Training put us on a better track than we could have imagined” – HR Director of a private hospital.

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  • StaffTraining

    ”Ulf Lidman’s training of our staff made a remarkable difference in sick leave and motivation and productivity.” - VP of Client Services at an airline

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  • MotivationalInterviewing

    Is lack of motivation an issue in your organization?

    Training your managers in Motivational Interviewing is definitely the answer!

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  • DealingWith Crisis

    People often bring their personal issues with them to work. How can a company work with this in a constructive and cost effective way?

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Ulf Lidman Training

Ulf LidmanEmbrace diversity and reap the benefits with Ulf Lidman Training

A diverse society means one thing. A diverse workplace.

Different never means bad. However, it does mean that certain situations must be addressed with caution; especially in a corporate setting where misunderstandings can be costly. Handling issues that cross cultures can cause difficulties in untrained staff, and this is where Ulf Lidman Training can help.

With over thirty years experience in teaching and counselling, courses by Ulf Lidman Training are tailor-made to fit your business model, be it in a corporate business environment or a workplace within the service industries.

Grand-scale changes such as organizational restructuring and downsizing quite naturally have an effect on employees, counterbalancing such stress can be difficult, however, each course is strategically designed to help you develop interpersonal relationships with your staff, thus maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Contact us directly for a more precise idea as to how we can best address you and your company's needs.
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Ulf Lidman
Therapist and Lecturer

Alicante Spain

About Ulf Lidman

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“I was given anti-depressants after a 7 minute visit to my doctor. I was not clinically depressed. I was just sad! Being sad is part of life after you are in the middle of a normal life crisis. Thanks Ulf, for teaching me that my reactions were normal when others told me that I was sick! - Alison, Former Client, London, UK”