Managing Challenging Behaviors

A situation in which an individual loses control of their behavior and begins acting out can stem from any number of things – an acute crisis, feelings of powerlessness, physical or mental disability, substance abuse or misguided feelings of injustice. The challenge is to professionally meet and deal with these individuals in a way that mitigates and not reinforces their behavior.

This course is largely based on practical exercises with the goal of helping the employees feel confident in challenging situations, which is essential to being able to manage challenging behavior.

The training is linked to motivational interviewing, with an insightful outlook on one’s own values and an unprejudiced view of humankind. It also focuses on preventative work and the importance of healthy boundaries to help the person exhibiting challenging behaviors feel safe and secure. The training does not deal with physical intervention or self-defense techniques.


Length: 1 day. The course is aimed at employees who may encounter challenging behavior in their daily work, such as people who work in schools, group homes or treatment facilities.

Managing Challenging Behaviors is also effective in the service and retail industries, particularly for those who handle customer service and complaints. 



  • What does managing challenging behaviors mean?
  • The relationship between managing challenging behaviors and aggression.
  • Preventative measures.
  • Common patterns of acting out and aggression.
  • Self-awareness among employees.
  • Concrete tools for intervention and mediation.
  • Knowing regulations and boundaries.
  • Importance of following up on incidents and how to do this.

Ulf Lidman Training courses complement each other and are part of a full series of programs aimed at providing professional crisis management support, bringing out motivation and helping employees feel comfortable and secure about both their skills and their working environment.

Each training course is customized to the specific requirements of the client. The various Ulf Lidman Training modules can also be combined to tailor-design a fully customized skills development program for your employees.

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