Leaving Fanaticism and Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is a threat to individual lives and safety, and to society’s democratic structures. A milder description of this is that fundamentalism, through its framework of rules and codes, infringes on people’s free will and freedom of movement.
This course is aimed at dealing with encounters with radicalized individuals from extremist movements, whether these are IS, Christian movements, Neo-Nazis, right- or left-faction radicals or organizations practicing honor violence.

Leaving identity-shaping fanaticism is a complicated process. The lure of these movements is so strong that people trying to leave them need support. Individuals who are stuck in their fundamentalist convictions need assistance finding intelligent ways to develop alternative and less-absolute thought patterns that help them view life in other ways than through their radicalized filter.

The challenge is to provide the right support to those individuals who belong or have belonged to fundamentalist and extremist movements. The more violent the movement, the more urgent it is to help these members de-radicalize to a “normal” life.
This course introduces the term “interpathy,” which means that you get so close to a person that you can feel the attraction and passion in their view of “the truth.”


Length: 1-2 days depending on the needs of the organization.

This course is directed at organizations whose employees come into contact with individuals in fundamentalist movements. For example, HR departments, health care facilities, social services, churches, law enforcement, military, schools and various types of treatment facilities



  • What are extremism, fanaticism and fundamentalism?
  • Understanding the lure of these types of movements.
  • What is it that is so amazing that some people are willing to give their lives for it?
  • Why do I need to get away from fanaticism?
  • Why does fundamentalism not work?
  • Motivational interviewing in combination with interpathy.
  • What does the individual gain by denouncing fundamentalism?
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