Cross-Cultural Crisis Management

Cross-cultural crisis management deals largely with identifying one’s own values and prejudices. Cross-cultural skills are about being honest with yourself and comfortable in your values, combined with an ability to communicate and work with others who have a completely different set of values than your own.

The Cross-Cultural Crisis Management course is an in-depth continuation of the Crisis and Crisis Management course. Both courses can be ordered and scheduled together for time-effective and optimal skills development. 

Cross-cultural skills are invaluable for companies and individuals who in their daily work deal with individuals from other cultures who are undergoing crises.

Western methods and tools in crisis support are rarely if ever successful in non-Western cultures.


Length: 2-3 days

This course is designed for employees of various care and treatment facilities where cross-cultural encounters and crisis management are part of their daily work. It is also aimed at HR departments, health care providers, social services, schools and group homes.


This course is customized to the specific requirements of the client. The introduction provides an orientation on crisis and crisis management. In the introduction, we alternate between theory and processes to develop skills in meeting and working with people in crisis situations.

Depending on the needs of the client, cross-cultural crisis management continues with:

  • Cross-cultural conflict management.
  • Western tools in collective relationship-based cultures.
  • Gender roles, honor, sexuality and family.
  • Views on mental illness in different cultures and how this affects how we interact with the client.
  • Guilt, shame, anxiety and religion.
  • Value clashes and strong convictions.
  • Cross-cultural perspectives for dealing with crisis reactions, aggressiveness and anxiety.

Ulf Lidman Training courses complement each other and are part of a full series of programs aimed at providing professional crisis management support, bringing out motivation and helping employees feel comfortable and secure about both their skills and their working environment.

Each training course is customized to the specific requirements of the client. The various Ulf Lidman Training modules can also be combined to tailor-design a fully customized skills development program for your employees.

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