Ulf Lidman Training programs and courses are firmly rooted in real-life conditions and provide insights that are practical and useful in everyday activities. All training is focused on the individual and the individual’s daily life.

The programs and courses also have a multicultural perspective in order to naturally face the diverse challenges that arise in many workplaces.

The programs are aimed at three specific target groups:


The role of managers and leaders cannot be overestimated. A leader who has the trust of their employees can get them to perform wonders. On the other hand, a leader who doesn’t have the trust of their employees creates conflicts, unnecessary employee turnover and crises in the organization.

Ulf Lidman Training programs make managers better leaders with the ability to build security and confidence in the organization.
It is common for employees to feel anxious in conjunction with major changes and streamlining in companies and organizations. Ulf Lidman Training customizes training programs to reduce employee frustration during major changes at the workplace.

Workplaces and groups of employees

Customized training based on the unique needs of your workplace. The general focus is on working with employee motivation in combination with crisis management.

Recurring clients include HR departments, group homes and treatment facilities, schools, social services and health and nursing care providers.

Individual – Study at Kalix College

These programs are aimed at individuals who want to enhance their own skills. The employer is not involved in the training. Training is designed for those who encounter people undergoing crises in their work. The focus is on conveying a professional approach even when feelings are strong, and on always keeping the affected individual at the center.

Basic training in crisis management and motivational interviewing is carried out under the direction of Kalix college and maintains a very high level of quality by providing insight on crises and how they can be handled to help the affected individual move on with their life. This training program is among the most prestigious in Sweden.

Grundutbildning i krishantering och motiverande samtal
Utbildningen genomförs i Kalix folkhögskolas regi med Ulf Lidman som utbildare och ger kompetens inom kris- och konflikthantering med ett tvärkulturellt perspektiv.

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