Standing on Your Own – Reentry that Works

The goal of all types of support activities is to help people help themselves. Being self-sufficient doesn’t only mean living in your own apartment. It also means functioning emotionally, financially, in relationships and in all the other areas of life.

Preparing an individual for the life they want without support from the government and other agencies and organizations requires hard work. This work must be goal-oriented and the individual must be actively involved in the process. The staff must be fully aware that their role is to make themselves redundant and they need to know that they cannot – or even must not – be a part of the person’s permanent network.

The model presented in this training course has been well-tested and proven in many of the lecturer’s own activities through the years, and has been implemented in a large number of organizations that have seen excellent results of individuals actually going on to be fully self-sufficient. An organization that creates a dependence on assistance is a failed organization.


Length: 1 day. This course is aimed at organizations that work with what is traditionally called reentry. Group homes, refugee programs, shelters, social services, treatment facilities, schools, health care providers and nursing homes.  NOTE: A prerequisite for the training is knowledge of motivational interviewing.



  • The importance of contextualized MI.
  • Effective impact assessment.
  • Presentation of a life balance model.
  • Feedback on relapses and declines.
  • Culture-adapted outlook.
  • Staff awareness of their roles and limits.
  • Implementation in the organization’s own activities.

Ulf Lidman Training courses complement each other and are part of a full series of programs aimed at providing professional crisis management support, bringing out motivation and helping employees feel comfortable and secure about both their skills and their working environment.

Each training course is customized to the specific requirements of the client. The various Ulf Lidman Training modules can also be combined to tailor-design a fully customized skills development program for your employees.

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