Providing Support in Acute Crisis Situations

This course is aimed at employees who encounter individuals undergoing serious crises in which their world came crashing down and they have little or no possibility of influencing the crisis.

These sorts of situations include:

  • Rejection of an asylum application.
  • Diagnosis of an illness with an uncertain outcome.
  • Death.
  • Suicide.
  • Disasters and adversities such as terrorism, gang crime, fires and floods.
  • Loss of job.


Length: 1 day, providing skills in supporting and understanding the reactions of those affected by the “irreversible.”

  • Living in uncertainty.
  • Overcoming denial: How do we keep a difficult situation from being “hushed up”?
  • Cross-cultural dynamics: when values and loyalties collide.
  • When disaster is unavoidable.
  • Motivational interviewing to move forward.
  • Who does what? A carefully prepared action plan. Flexibility and compromises are part of the plan.
  • Closure: what for the employees is a closed case is for the person who received bad news a new beginning.

Ulf Lidman Training courses complement each other and are part of a full series of programs aimed at providing professional crisis management support, bringing out motivation and helping employees feel comfortable and secure about both their skills and their working environment.

Each training course is customized to the specific requirements of the client. The various Ulf Lidman Training modules can also be combined to tailor-design a fully customized skills development program for your employees.

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