Testimonials from previous clients and colleagues

"Ulf did not help me! He helped me to help myself! My life was out of control and I was close to giving up. Today I am in charge and my addiction is no longer running my life! I'm not an addict! I am a person who learned how to take control over my addiction!"

Steve, CEO, London, UK

* * *

"I was given anti-depressants after a 7 minute visit to my doctor. I was not clinically depressed. I was just sad! Being sad is part of life after you are in the middle of a normal life crisis. Thanks Ulf, for teaching me that my reactions were normal when others told me that I was sick!"

Alison, Former Client, London, UK

* * *

"Ulf is a specialist in relationships – beginning them, developing them and maintaining them. In my experience working with Ulf, this applies to diverse groups of clients, co-workers and supervisors. His ability to connect with people on a personal or professional level is outstanding."

Dianne Carroll, Employee Assistant Director, Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, USA

* * *

"An incredibly motivating and positive force as well as being a truly wonderful person and friend."

Louise Phelan, Performing Artist, Mexico City, Mexico

* * *

"Thanks Ulf, you helped me to find laughter again! Now I just need to find myself a man!"

Simon O'Connor, Former Client, London, UK

* * *

"I have known Ulf Lidman for 23 years and have marvelled at his energy, creativity and the infectious enthusiasm he brings to those around him."

Cynthia Johnson. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

* * *

"Ulf's dedication and enthusiasm, not to mention his wonderful sense of humour, were qualities which contributed greatly to the success of Living Hope. Whether producing Hollywood fund raisers or working with individual clients, he was a natural leader who always brought out the best in people and helped them achieve their goals."

Patrick Tobin, Former Board Member, Living Hope, Hollywood, California, USA

* * *

"I came out of the closet and Ulf was my cheerleader! I now have a fantastic family of choice. My biological family rejected me and so did my friends and relatives from church. After years of struggling with my sexuality, I have found a home. My home is where my heart is and my heart is gay, gay, gay!"

David Wayne, Orlando, Florida, USA


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