EVOKE – Motivational Communication for Leaders

As a manager and leader, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are motivated and feel that their work is meaningful.

Each of your employees is different. They have different values, interests and backgrounds. And they all react differently to personal crises, to company reorganizations and to conflicts with colleagues. Your job is to deal with their concerns as they experience and interpret the situation.

EVOKE – Motivational communication for leaders is aimed at those who need to motivate and engage their employees. The basis for this training program comes from Motivational Interviewing, an evidence-based approach for relating to other people where there is discourse involved, both to those who have lost their drive and to those who are performing at a high level to help them reach even higher. The focus of motivational interviewing is to promote self-motivation and break out of the manager’s role as controlling and governing.

Former course participants have seen obvious results of this training program. A decrease in sick leave, fewer conflicts at work, more confident managers, improved relationships in the workplace and a warmer and yet very productive work environment.

2 full days.

The training has both theoretical and process-oriented features that enable targeted and effective strengthening of individuals’ self-motivation.

Discussion topics:

  • What is Motivational Interviewing and what is change?
  • The empathetic leader. Finding the balance between productivity and a relational leadership style.
  • Motivational communication: a way of relating.
  • Engagement: building trust and relationships.
  • Focus: the importance of strategy and aim.
  • Creating and preparing for change.
  • From motivational work to the individual’s own decision to move forward.
  • Moving forward together. Eliciting a sense of “WE” in the workplace.


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The course is available in English and Swedish.

Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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