Life crisis: A challenge to be overcome

Dealing with crisisAbsenteeism: the bane of every corporation's profit margins.

Absenteeism: the bane of every employee's motivation to work hard for their company.

Life crises happen. By living, we experience the highs and the lows, however, from a business perspective, these moments can be very costly. From death to serious illness, divorce to financial difficulty, these are just a few ways which can cause a stumble in any individual's personal life.

And what affects us on a personal basis will affect us at work. Guaranteed.

True, we could be rigid and approach the crises our staff endure in a totally unfeeling way. However in the long run, an increase in sick days are all such a method will cause. A cold management will do nothing to encourage staff to overcome their personal issues and remain loyal to their workplace.

Minimising the risk of individuals getting stuck in their crises is the name of the game, and to do this, we have to learn more about what these crises are and what to expect. As a manager or HR professional, identifying if an issue is a pathological mental illness or a personal crisis is key to effectively managing staff.

Any business with a team of employees means encountering people who could be in the middle of a crisis. Each person handles these moments in their life differently, and as such, there is no universal method that will quickly fix the situation. Putting the individual first is the way to help staff overcome their issues. Some people will grow and develop as these situations happen to them. However, some won't, and will spiral into addictive behaviours to escape their natural reaction to a crisis.

Imagine a top member of your staff has discovered his/her partner is cheating and demands a divorce? To keep them on track, to maintain their productivity, an understanding management is vital to ensuring said employee will overcome this moment in their life with ease and without damaging their career, or their output for their company.

Such training is where Ulf Lidman's Training can assist. With training programs lasting one, two, or three days, each designed to assist corporations, Ulf Lidman is an invaluable resource that will save your company a fortune by decreasing absenteeism in the workplace.

 Click on the link to see a sample of a course content. Of course we will tailor-make  the training to your organisation’s specific needs.

Crisis Counseling


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“Ulf is a specialist in relationships – beginning them, developing them and maintaining them. In my experience working with Ulf, this applies to diverse groups of clients, co-workers and supervisors. His ability to connect with people on a personal or professional level is outstanding. - Dianne Carroll, Employee Assistant Director, Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, USA”