Cross-cultural Leadership

Every leader today is challenged with the fact that our work teams consist of people from very diverse backgrounds. Globalization is a fact. You will have employees who have moved from one culture to another by choice, a good job offer or a transfer within an international company. Other employees may have moved to a new country as refugees and have different needs and sources of motivation. The motivation to integrate is at many different levels among employees in all organizations.

Culture also includes sub-cultures. A sense of belonging can be based on not only ethnicity and background. Our diverse society is formed of groups identifying by interests, political convictions, sexual orientation, gender, religious convictions etc.

It is of utmost important for any leader to have the competence to lead people in an organization based on the values and value base of the organization itself. To be firmly grounded in the identity of the company.

Equally important is for the leader to be firmly grounded and secure in her/his own identity as a person and manager.

A cross-culturally competent leader knows how to navigate when values and convictions clash in the work place. All employees have equal value and this needs to be implemented so that each individual feels as a vital member of the team.

Diversity often elicits fear in people. Fear can result in clicks and sub-groups where bullying and ostracization steals energy from productivity and a good work environment. We have seen this clearly in what was revealed through the Me Too Movement. Another worry is the growing nationalistic movements in many countries where certain groups are being targeted as problematic. Homophobia, Islamophobia, gender discrimination or sexual harassment has no place in a diverse and functional organization.

This course helps the leader navigate through cross-cultural challenges, potential crisis and conflicts with confidence.

Diversity means opportunities, productivity, harmony in the workplace and should be celebrated. The cross-culturally competent leader knows how to facilitate this.

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2-3 days depending on needs and context.

The content must be completely adapted to the needs of the workplace and employees.

The course orientation provides an introduction to cross-cultural leadership. After the training, the work is both practically process-oriented and theoretical. The objective is for the managers to be able to effectively and professionally lead and guide individuals in a diverse workplace

Depending on the needs of the group, the training may include:

  • Self-awareness a key to leading others from a context different than my own.
  • How to implement company values in a diverse work force. Finding the balance between corporate and personal.
  • Religion, sexual orientation, gender, family, politics – strong convictions/identities and how to facilitate a sound professional environment.
  • Individualism versus collectivism in the work place
  • Prevention of cross-cultural conflicts in the work place and processing when the conflict is a fact.
  • Opinions, values and convictions.
  • Crisis reactions and practical ways to deal with them in a cross-cultural context.
  • The leader’s role. Knowing what to do and what NOT to do.
  • An approach that focuses on solutions when dealing with crisis behaviors.
  • Maximizing diversity in the workplace. 


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The course is available in English and Swedish.

Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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