Cross Cultural Counseling

cross culturalThe world keeps on getting smaller.

The West has become a haven for immigrants seeking a new and better life, crossing their cultures with our own, and creating a hodge-podge blend of East meets West. As they adapt to their new situation in a foreign land, it's only natural there are moments where cohesion isn't possible, and on a corporate level, that can be very costly.

Immigration and adapting to another culture is an incredibly difficult time, and during those initial stages, it is highly probable that each immigrant is experiencing a real crisis in their lives; one that triggered the original move to another land. At this point, they need to receive support and crisis counselling that is based on their own values rather than those of the society to which they have moved. Managers leading a diverse working team must take this into account if they wish to effectively streamline their team's productivity.

Integration and cultural adaptation is never part of the initial support handed to immigrants. However, by meeting people on their own cultural turf, we accelerate the process and allow these individuals to faster adapt to their new country and culture, ultimately making them a vital member of the workforce.

'West is best' isn't necessarily the case in situations such as these. All our methods of integration are exclusively reared from our own understandings of people raised in a world where the individual holds more merit than the collective. When dealing with immigrants who are accustomed to thinking about the group rather than just themselves, our teachings and understandings simply don't fit.

Ulf Lidman Training is a corporate level training opportunity for businesses with multi-national employees. Ulf has worked with industries which have over thirty-seven different nationalities working on the books. Personal problems affect business, but dealing with the personal issues of someone from another culture, is truly costly. This is where Ulf can help. A specialist in cross cultural counselling, his seminars advise and teach professionals in HR, service functions, healthcare, prison services, law enforcement, education, social services, military, treatment centres, job centres, and other people orientated professions. With Ulf's clients having seen a 30% decrease in sick days, cross cultural counselling is something few are quick to recognize as the root of a growing problem.

cross cultural

Divorce, grief, death, illness... when approaching this from the Western viewpoint, helping employees cope with these situations is something counsellors are equipped to handle. However, with an ever increasing immigrant workforce, how does a conglomerate deal with a sudden mass of workers adapting to a new life in a new country as well as handling such personal issues as these? Time off is inevitable if dealt with incorrectly.

Ulf Lidman Training seminars work with groups of professionals in an effort to tweak the current human resources model integral to the core of the business. It is here where changes can be made, where efficiency can be increased, and profits can be spared by truly understanding the new mindset these foreign workers have.

Working with them rather than against them is a truly profitable endeavour, one that can be a seamless progression with the incredible resource that is Ulf Lidman Training.


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