Workplace Interventions

ulfhomeThe work place is a hot bed environment. Minimal shifts in said environment have a huge impact on a business' productivity.

The human factor can never be ignored, because ultimately, profits suffer if stressed employees consistently fail to reach their potential.

Structural and organizational changes trigger vulnerabilities among staff. Be it downsizing, poor leadership, or cultural misunderstandings, subtracting the turbulence from the workplace can be a minefield...unless Ulf Lidman Training becomes involved.

Planning ahead is the key method of preventing the negative chain reaction future upheavals can cause. Especially in situations where staff numbers are being cut.

Conflict in the workplace often requires a calm mediator. Ulf Lidman Training mediates tense situations in a calm manner, ultimately resolving issues efficiently and effectively, without deteriorating and causing legal issues that could lead to a formal court system.

A safe, unbiased environment, with experienced mediators can resolve the differences between one company and another or an individual without lawsuits being filed!

Mediation requires no lawyers or their fees, no courthouse visits or long delays.

Simply put, we're in the middle. We take no sides and make no judgements. We won't defend or support either side.
What we do, is help you resolve awkward and difficult problems.

The advantages to mediation:

- Scheduling is a quick and simple process once first contact with Ulf Lidman Training is made.

- A two hour mediation session can often settle petty or serious disagreements.

- Bypassing the legal and court fees saves you a lot of money while resolving your issues.

- Scheduling meetings to suit everyone's timetable makes this process highly convenient.

- Mediation sessions are the height of confidentiality. Comments made within the process cannot be used as evidence, and only those involved are aware of what has been said or discussed.

- With a cool, calm voice to direct the proceedings, there is no judge or jury to make the decision for you. You're the master of your own solution.

Ulf Lidman Training is an invaluable resource which can help you find a cost effective and result-oriented solution to workplace tensions.


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“Ulf is a specialist in relationships – beginning them, developing them and maintaining them. In my experience working with Ulf, this applies to diverse groups of clients, co-workers and supervisors. His ability to connect with people on a personal or professional level is outstanding. - Dianne Carroll, Employee Assistant Director, Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, USA”