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ulf teachingIndividual training within upper level managements is a costly way of spreading a message through the ranks. Group training is just as effective... both for the company's profits, but also, learning as a team has myriad benefits.

Learning together ensures that each member of the group is aware of their company's ultimate aim. With everyone on the same page, efficiency is immediately streamlined, and on a corporate setting, what could be better?

Ulf Lidman Training develops tailor-made courses that deal with your company's specific needs. Be it a problem in one particular area or a weakness in another, our one, two, or three day courses are crafted to deal with the root of your individual issues while teaching your staff en masse.

The course's location is your choice; be it in a neutral environment or within the workplace so long as you have adequate facilities, Ulf Lidman Training is a mobile means of maximising your work force’s potential.

Contact us for references, as talking to one of our satisfied clients might reassure you as to the wisdom of the decision you are about to make. Ulf Lidman Training has helped councils, schools, residential treatment centres, refugee facilities, and more importantly on a business footing, several international corporations.

How can Ulf Lidman Training be part of your organisation’s training in order to improve motivation and productivity? Please do not hesitate to contact us


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Corporate Assistance

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“An incredibly motivating and positive force as well as being a truly wonderful person and friend. - Louise Phelan, Performing Artist, Mexico City, Mexico”