Conflict and Conciliation

A one-day training course aimed at identifying and defining what counteracts a good atmosphere at work.

Team spirit at the workplace is crucial to a good bottom line. When employees break up into different groups and management is viewed as the opposition, it’s time to take action. When energy and power that should be used for production and development are instead used for plotting and gossip, steps have to be taken.

Organizations affected by this are drained of power. The health and well-being of both the employees and the organization suffer. Sick leaves and conflicts disrupt the workday.

This course is aimed at workplaces that want to build strong team spirit and are striving for zero tolerance against destructive behaviors. This one-day course is perfect both for building strong teams and for dealing with tangible difficulties at the workplace. In other words both as a prevention but also suitable for a workplace that has become toxic.

Over the course of the day, we will develop a common approach and solutions that work well and feel good for all employees.

1 day

Training is concrete and based on the client’s situation and needs. The course provides insight into the mechanisms that lead to opposition at the workplace, and redirects this energy into positive solutions. We also introduce a model for challenging and eliminating destructive behavior.

The course is targeting leaders and managers, giving them the necessary tools and strategies for ensuring a healthier workplace.

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The course is available in English and Swedish.

Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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